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New Beginnings
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Corporate Services

Corporate Consulting

With over 20 successful years in non-profit services and corporate management, we collaborate with organizations to help them develop strategies by working with them to create a strong team, positive communication, appreciative frame works and solid strategic plans for their future projects and agency growth.

We Accomplish this through;

  •  Getting to know your Organization
  •  Learning how you define success
  •  Identify what is working within the Organization
  •  Identify what areas need improvement
  •  Work with the agency to develop a plan to address their needs (Leadership training, strategic planning, communication, etc).
  • When needed, we will work with the organization to identify an internal leadership group to develop new visions and strategies to improve identified areas of need.

Leadership Training and Mentoring

Training: With Leadership Comes Great Responsibility

We provide training to help agencies and individuals understand the importance of strong leadership, their responsibilities as a leader, and assist participants in developing  the skills needed to move the agency and the individual to the next level in management and leadership.


We provide one-on-one mentoring to help individuals develop the skills needed for their next step in their careers.

Program, Training and Curriculum Development

We also have the expertise to work with agencies to develop innovative successful programs, trainings and curriculums, that will move the agency to the next level for client services.

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